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Play is the work of children, and while they often need little else than a stick and a puddle, simple games can also play an important role in their development. Our thoughtfully selected games are back-to-basics—but far from boring—and offer opportunities to learn impulse control, turn-taking, teamwork, flexible thinking and more—all while having fun and building community.


At Simplicity Parenting Essential Gear, we offer a curated selection of real tools for real kids. We look for durable (i.e. kid-proof!) tools sized for a child that can get them involved in projects in the kitchen, yard, garden, and house. We believe in equipping even young children with real-world skills and tools to build resilience and create a sense of accomplishment so that they can be active stewards of our communities.


We scour the globe looking for the best garments from folks who know (so you don’t have to). From Norwegian wool leggings to Canadian rain mittens, we source durable clothing and gear for all seasons that lasts and grows with the child, plus comfortable garments for the caretakers in their lives. As the famous Scandinavian proverb goes, “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.”